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A Little Bit About Us

WHO ARE THE HAPPY ATTORNEYS:  We are a boutique office located in downtown Chicago, Illinois.
WHAT WE DO TO STAY HAPPY:  We represent families at a difficult time that can impact every member's life.  A divorce is a major division in the foundational structure of the family that can lead to either positive or negative results.  Our Clients come from many different races, cultures and economic circumstances.  Our Clients also come from and are going into blended families.
WHERE WE ARE HAPPY:  We represent families in Cook County, DuPage County and Will County, Illinois.  We also have Clients who are not residents of Illinois, but have family related issues within the State.
WHEN WE ARE HAPPY:  We are happy when our Clients are placed in a position where the ending of a case gives them the tools to grow.  That growth begins the first day after the divorce is granted.
WHY WE ARE HAPPY:  What's the alternative?  Our happiness is a choice.  Life is too short for negativity.  Everyday is a gift and every Client is a learning experience.
HOW WE ARE HAPPY:  We attempt to always focus on the "Big Picture."  Although some divorces can be hard, we use levity to make the difficult situation more palatable.  All the while, we take direction from our Client's needs and wants.
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